Vehicular Kinesthetics

I've developed what I think is a sense of vehicular kinesthetics. Normally, I drive an Acura Integra. It can get into and out of anywhere a car can go. I know exactly how big its turning radius is and where I can safely parallel park. But for the past 800 miles, I've been towing my car behind a four ton, 14 foot moving van.

I've adapted. It took a while, but I've come to terms with negotiating my way through highway construction with little to no clearance on either side of the truck. I've come to terms with driving 55 miles an hour though a night and a day while never overtaking another soul. I've come to terms with the deference afforded by driving a vehicle that can crush any car on the road.

I understand and sympathize. But I don't miss it. I'm back in my Acura now and it's hard enough to find my way around Pittsburgh.

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