Pop Quiz

Quick! What's the most common color among international flags? I thought I knew, and even developed a rationale to explain it. After a few days of the question grating on my mind, I researched the matter and found that despite my perfectly logical explaination, I was ever so slightly wrong.

Update: Give up? Out of a sample of 216 international flags, 80 have green, 131 have blue and 156 have white. Red however tops them all at 159 (74%).

It varies a bit by continent. In Africa for example, 76% of the countries have green represented in their flag--their most popular color. White comes out on top in every other continent except Europe, where red dominates slightly.

I thought white was a shoe-in for the most common color, simply from a production standpoint. (White is the most common color in document design simply because paper happens to be that color.) I think I can see how red would be popular as an orectic symbol for blood and unity though. And Africa's affinity for green can probably be explained as a symbol of hope for their environment.

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