School Work

This week has been crazy. I had projects and presentations due in two of my classes, plus some pretty tough readings in Seminar and group work due for the USPS project. Now that I've caught up on my sleep, I thought I'd post some of the work.

Design Studio
Our first project was a self portrait constructed out of information. Really more of a graphic biography. My solution was a 3'x6' matrix of everyone I went to school with from elementary school, middle school and high school. I mapped activities and friendships [PDF 2.2MB] through those 12 years, and showed the photographic age progression of those classmates who (like myself) stayed in Dixon the entire time. After the project, I constructed a sixteen page booklet [PDF 934K] documenting the process.

Visual Interface and Interaction Design
I worked with a team of students from the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) department to create a series of situationally appropriate interfaces [Flash 1.2MB]. The point was to design an interface that remained sensitive to its environment and its interaction with humans. We concepted three different approaches--one that could be understood at a glance, one that could be understood without vision, and one that could be understood without vision or hearing.

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