Yesterday, I bought the extended edition of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I've spent a good chunk of the weekend absorbed in the experience of the DVD. The extended edition has over 40 minutes of new footage. Clocking in at nearly four hours, the additions add an unexpected richness to the characters and their motivations.

As I watched the new material, one otherwise inconsequental scene demanded my attention. Looking out over the plains of Rohan, shortly after their reunion, Aragorn discloses to Gandalf that Samwise has accompanied Frodo on his quest into Mordor. Apparently surprised by this news, Gandalf replies, in a bemused sort of way, "Did he? Did he indeed? Very good."

Wide eyed, I was struck by the revelation that for the briefest of moments, Gandalf was channeling Dick Buchanan, my professor for Design Seminar here at CMU. It's absolutely uncanny.

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