It's the last week of classes here at CMU. I've had a project or presentation due every day since Monday. My coping strategy has been to design at night and present during the day. Sometimes I sleep in the afternoon. Sometimes not.

This morning, at about four o'clock, I witnessed a man running around the campus stadium with nunchucks.

I came home after class yesterday, slept till midnight, then got up and came back to school to finish a presentation. I've been here since then. It's seven o'clock (pm) and I just finished my last class of the semester. I have a project, a paper and a process book due next week (none of which I've started) but for now... sleep.

Update: On the way out to my car, I realized that they actually enforce what they call the "5:30 rule". That means that all cars have to be removed from the parking garage by 5:30 am. I've seen signs to that effect, but it's never really been an issue before.

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