iPod Generation

I've admired the iPods from afar. Last year though, I saw a few of the grads using iPods to transfer files back and forth between their laptops and the classroom computers.

I had been thinking about an iPod as a replacement for my Powerbook's hard drive, which slowly destroyed itself last month. Apple makes a 40GB iPod, but I'm not sure it's really a permanent storage solution. I waffled back and forth until I saw one of the iPod Minis at Best Buy. Wow. This thing is really nice. The controls are elegant as always, but they've gone a step beyond and integrated the buttons directly into the wheel. And the silver case rounds out an amazingly sleek design for about half the price.

I picked one up today. I think of it as a portable firewire drive that also happens to play music. It's only 4GB, but that's still four times the storage space of my first computer.

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