The Shark Whisperer

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen made the comparison a while back that weblogs are like sharks. They have to keep moving or they die. It's an apt metaphor.

Obligatory has stagnated over the past few months, largely because I've been aclimating to San Francisco, but also because until now this weblog has been primarily a one-sided conversation. People e-mail me about posts from time to time, but this blog was conceived as a broadcast of my thoughts. It's been that way from day one; simply a way to spare people the constant e-mails about every little innane thing that crosses my mind.

But weblogs need to be more than that. I've grown to understand that weblogs are really about conversations. The comments are the most interesting part of some of the blogs I read. Without them, this was really half a blog. So here's a new experiment. Obligatory comments. I'm still tweaking a few things, but hopefully it'll be enough to get me back in the saddle.

Ok.. comments are cool but .. anyway.. hey.
I've enjoyed your website and blog thoughts Jeff, so I hope getting back in that saddle goes well for you.

I'm a web designer with a graphic designer background so I very much enjoyed your folio, very diverse and accomplished.

Your Artsfest 02 logo had me visually tracing all the letterforms, it was alive with activity....beautiful.
Now that Obligatory has comments, I'm treated to the daily wonder of comment spam. It's a bit of an arms race between bloggers and spammers to keep the signal clear. I just went in and made some tweaks (and deleted a few dozen spam comments). Now it's your move spammers...

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