Check out It's one of the visualizations in the Invisible Dynamics initiative at the Exploratorium here in San Francisco. They're basically tracking the GPS signals in the taxis driving around the city and showing their routes. Over time you start to see the structure of the city emerge.

It's a pretty deep visualization. Lots of different paths through the data. Also check out In Transit and Fly Cab. More interesting visualizations at

This reminds me about cabbies here in KC. They are staked out coming from the airport, speedtraps all the way till downtown. Huge problem for them. If you could just tag the cars. Hehe, meybe have a governer hooked up to the cab that activates whenever a trooper is nearby. Even better, why not trip a sensor that would automaticaly trigger the high beams after a passerby has crossed the parallel axis of a patrol car.

There was a visualization like cabspotting in Jeff Noon's 'Pollen".

Being in SF, a more practical application might be to put a radio sensor on one of those Bike LED kits. Detect for the radio frequency used by the police. Good for the protestors.

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