A company called Colorware is offering a service whereby they completely repaint your pc or iPod. Some of the Apple products look really well done, but I dunno... I'd tear my eyes out if I had to look at a Ferarri Red Powerbook all day.

Part of the genius of Apple's minimalist aesthetic is that it encourages customers to complete the form on their own. To help develop a kinship with the product. I know plenty of people who decorate their computers. Some of my classmates at CMU even knitted little cozies for their iPods.

This just seems odd. It has none of those tribal associations. Instead, it cuts to the chase and prepackages the individuality. (link via

Mark Schraad
Iwould agree. The delivery mechanism, or packaging, does a diservice if it distracts from the content. Though I must admit lusting over the elegance of the new MacBookPro - that would likely fade within a week and I would again be back to my normal, miserable productivity. The world is such a distraction.
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