At Least a Quintet is Expected

My copy of Beautiful Evidence came in the mail today. Those six words in the introduction made me smile. A quintet! Tufte's information design books are exquisite. I've read them cover to cover countless times since discovering the series my first year out of college. In the twenty-three years since Visual Display of Quantitative Information, his words have become canon.

The experience of reading this book sets it apart. I can still smell the freshness of the ink. It's at once an old friend and an unknown quantity. I'm reading it slowly, page by page, savoring the content and the richness of its presentation. It's things like this that make me thankful to be a designer.

Nathan Borror
I bought "Visual Explanations" last weekend and love it! The chapter discussing the Challenger explosion and cholera epidemic made my jaw drop.
You know, I went back a while ago to look at the syllabus for Roman's information design course at SMSU and he's got the Tufte books right there (mid-nineties). I wish I'd taken a closer look at them then. The only downside to his series is that they're out of the price range of most students.

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