What a Difference a Preposition Makes

A few months ago, my friend Dan released his first book Designing for Interaction. Today, I came across a site for the similarly titled Designing Interactions. It's a subtle difference, but an important one.

I'm with Dan in believing that we design for interaction, that is, we don't actually create the interactions themselves. We provide a framework for people's experience with their world, a way to help them create their own positive interactions. That nod toward the importance of co-creation is where the two book titles diverge.

Here's another take on the difference between designing experiences and designing FOR experiences over at design-emotion.com
Hi Jeff, I just posted a long review of Moggridge, and I made the same point about the importance of Dan's "for", and it's hardly the only place where the books diverge. I'm pleased to see someone else thinking the same.

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