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A few months ago I decided to finally dig in to the canonical literature on Service Design to get a better sense of the history of the discipline. I went back about thirty years to compile articles from Marketing and Retail Journals, Design Journals and the Harvard Business Review.

To make sense of the piles of reading I kept notes on concepts and examples that reappeared in multiple articles so I could track their progression. I've put those cross-references together into a system to find papers by concept, example, author, journal or decade to make it as easy as possible for others to delve into the research for themselves.

Article Lookup
Service Design Research

If you'd like to help fill in the gaps by suggesting other canonical papers, please post them in the comments below.

Sergey Khromov-Borisov
Dear Mr. Howard,

I'd like to add one very important name to your list - that of Prof. Scott E. Sampson. He is the author of pityfully undervalued Unified Services Theory and one of the greates contributors to the field. The good source to start is his recent article "Why We Need an Operations Service Paradigm?" free to download here

He also made his rare textbook available online at and is compiling his list of Essential Reading on Service Disciplines
Lucy Kimbell
This is a really valuable resource, useful for service designers and service managers, as well as students of service design, service marketing and service innovation. Thanks for all your work.
This is really excellent information. I appreciate your effort, and thank you. It will really help plenty of people including me :-)

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