Airbnb Pricing Calculator

Airbnb Pricing Calculator

The design team at Airbnb asked me to review the flow for new listings. Accurate pricing was a concern for both casual and professional users. My research interviews uncovered a range of pricing strategies and a collection of poignant stories expressing regret for misjudging the market.

My Solution

The most sophisticated users browsed nearby listings in order to formulate their price. Some also recognized fluctuations based on the season and other popular events. My response was to formalize these tactics and make the variables clear.

Starting from a common pool of other listings in the same city or neighborhood, users could select photos that most closely matched their own listing. The interface calculated a price based on these matches and then adjusted the price based on individual amenities such as Wi-Fi or parking.

The interface essentially taught users to understand the market by introducing elements of pricing they might not have considered and promoting critical site features such as photography and user reputation.